After reading a dear friends blog I was inspired to bake bread. I mean what else could I possibly have to do???!!!!!!

lebanese bread

It was very nice masha’allah, thanks for the recipie matey . There was none left over for the freezer so a big success masha’allah!

I had quite a busy day today.Fil came and brought me my long awaited baby bottles from mum.(THanx mum!) Then I enjoyed some the good company of some sisters and lots of tea and cake masha’allah. I really must think about some sensible eating(don’t say the diet word!) but better wait and see if dh brings any choccy from the UK first. Well my baby is only a month old so can’t be toooooo hasty about these things.
Goodnight all!



yeah!! I have acheived!!! not much, but i have completed mt first islamic/english comprehension which is one of my aims, to increase my kids islamic awareness! With a hope of it having an impact on their days and behaviour. So with that thought in mind my first subject is good character. now the next challenge will be finding the time when they are all home togethor to do the lesson. With my first child heading into teenagedom I have a feeling this year is only going to get more unpredictable!

another day

I have just finished flicking the channels and watching the days reported events in Ghaza. I dont really think there is anything I can say that hasnt been said. Allahu musta’aan.

One thing that is on my mind now is the question of Aid. Having seen the nightly begging of Aid for Palestine on Islam channel it has a left a question in my mind. While I support any aid being given including financial I am wondering when I see these brothers and many others working so hard to raise money and collect other items that may be needed are they really missing the point ? Have  we become an Ummah that is putting our hands in our pockets in the hope that we are fullfilling our obligations ??? I have heard so many varying reports of the state of physical needs in Ghaza some say the aid depots are full but the y cant deliver because it is unsafe, people cant collect the aid because it is unsafe to leave their homes. What is the point of all this effort?????  Is it just to salve our conscience………………………………….

We need to sort our selves out, yes of course they need to eat, they need medicines ,clothes heat etc(and yes we have an obligation to help as much as we can) but most of all they need this sorting out, how long can we go on sticking a sticky plaster over their needs. What have we as a nation come to ???

Allahuma aslih ummata muhammed.Allahumma farrif’an Ummattimohammed.Allahuma rahm ummatti  Muhammed(saws).

Oh Allah improve the state of the Ummah of Mohammed,Oh Allah grant ease to the ummah of mohammed, Oh allah have mercy upon the ummah of mohammed.

Allahuma munzilla al kitaabi wari al-hisaabi, ihzimil-ahzaaba. Allahuma ijzimuhum wa zalzilahum.

O Allah! Revealer of the book, swift to account, defeat the groups(who reject faith).Oh Allah! Defeat them and shake them .


power at last…..

Ooooh how exciting i have 5 comments. Not that I would have known had I not seen the notifications in my email!!!! Thankyou all for giving my brain a good exercise while I figured out how to find the comments, read them and then go back to my blog and puzzle as to why it said i had no comments and then the penny dropped……at last I have power…………….I can delete or approve anyones words at the click of a mouse ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha

Dont worry girls I accept you all 🙂 this time…………………….ha ha ha ha ha haa ha (supposed to be that mad laughter you know lkike in the films physicotic bloger hahahahahahahah)

day 2

Well i guess more accurately its post number 2 then day 2, but well………thats just a technicallity. I can hide the fact that 2 days have gone by and not much has changed at home except that i did find a couple of good books to work from for the kids English/Islamic lessons. Oh and i made some doughnuts……yummy doughnuts

Alhamdulileh at least i acheived a taste of home. And very nice they turned out too, especially considering my post natal brain forget to put the margerine in, well i never said i was perfect!

In the face of such a treat if anyone can work out how ds7 dd5 and ds4 could fight over a peice of stale french bread then please feel free to leave the answer …………

Hello world!

Hello world! thats what wordpress decided would be the name of my first ever dabble into blog world. I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure where I am going with this blog but I do want it to be a point for a renewed life, a kind of new start. Its an online hope to keep myself focused and not get bogged down in day to day life. I mean we were put on earth for more then washing floors and putting food on the table and clothes on our back and nappies and bottles and…………………………………………………………..