power at last…..

Ooooh how exciting i have 5 comments. Not that I would have known had I not seen the notifications in my email!!!! Thankyou all for giving my brain a good exercise while I figured out how to find the comments, read them and then go back to my blog and puzzle as to why it said i had no comments and then the penny dropped……at last I have power…………….I can delete or approve anyones words at the click of a mouse ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha

Dont worry girls I accept you all 🙂 this time…………………….ha ha ha ha ha haa ha (supposed to be that mad laughter you know lkike in the films physicotic bloger hahahahahahahah)


4 thoughts on “power at last…..

  1. this time? so next time you may not?? hmm… sis.. theres something wrong with your gaza widget too.. there are no numbers on it 😦 insha’allah you will figure out how to fix and i look forward to your future posts insha’allah

    • salam, nice to see you browsing my blog! yes having a problem with my counter and havent time to sit and puzzle over it. Something to do with HTML apparently :/

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