After reading a dear friends blog I was inspired to bake bread. I mean what else could I possibly have to do???!!!!!!

lebanese bread

It was very nice masha’allah, thanks for the recipie matey . There was none left over for the freezer so a big success masha’allah!

I had quite a busy day today.Fil came and brought me my long awaited baby bottles from mum.(THanx mum!) Then I enjoyed some the good company of some sisters and lots of tea and cake masha’allah. I really must think about some sensible eating(don’t say the diet word!) but better wait and see if dh brings any choccy from the UK first. Well my baby is only a month old so can’t be toooooo hasty about these things.
Goodnight all!


4 thoughts on “Bread

  1. mashallah, i’ve been wanting to make those same breads for a long time, you beat me to it!!! Well done sis, mashallah they look delicious.

    • thanx ines! give it a go it really didnt take that long masha’allah! theres nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread in the cold of winter mmmmmm

  2. lol ines…i keep running into you on other peoples blogs talking about making bread…GO AND DO IT WOMAN!!!!! otherwise i’m gonna start looking like a bread obsessed cyber stalker…..

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