a bit of this and that

00112We are having chilly days here in north africa. Beauitiful, but a very definate chill in the air. Alhamdulileh reminds me of home……
The cold means lots of cooking, wish I had time for baking and breading!!! Ilove backing bread on the algerian tabona, with the clay tagine warming me up masha’allah!!!

this little chap seems to eat all my time, I havent implemented any of my plans and we are going through the daily struggle of putting food on the table and clothes on our backs. insha’allah there will be a change around soon……….


Alahmdulileh i finally got back online after my old company went bankrupt! But it was worth the disruption as now I have (at least sofar….this is algeria)a faster connection masha’allah.

A few things have been going on around here . The most interesting was probably the day Aljazeera came to myhouse! I did an interview for a documentary been made about muslim reverts in algeria. I hope they make the film in a good and positive mway and that it will help with dawah insha’allah.

I restarted my tajweed classes, but it looks like they are already grinding to a halt for one reason or another. But I will try to battle on insha’allah!!

Baby is growing masha’allah, Unfortunately he still isnt getting to bed at adecent hour, but he is slowly improving alhamdulileh.

erm……..what else??? Just the usual domestic adventures i guess.

Hoping all you fellow bloggers have had a good few weeks while I have been away 🙂