too much to do, so little time………

Its being a while since I blogged…………..I need to sort the blog out make it more interesting, get some widgets sorted etc lol maybe tomorrow!

Whats being happening??Well dh went in for his long awaited hernia op, alhamdulileh it seems to have gone very well two weeks down the line. It seems the hard bit is having the patience to follow drs orders. No lifting more then 3 kilo’s for a year!!!hmmmm
The hardest thing has been the visitors, those that follow the sunnah, no probs, but the others that come and dont leave til the next day…………agh!!!
Then there was the virus that attacked the boys, including baby, alhamdulileh it seems to be almost gone!!
On the positive we havd done a good bit of english me and the kids, and now my dh’s niece has gone home we are getting back to the much needed routine of speaking ENGLISH ONLY!!! Its a much used command lol!
Done a little flower waashing…….
wishing you all a pleasant evening!!!


Mouloud again

Just when u think you’ve escaped from November 5th, you are assaulted with mouloud. The irresponsibility continues to astound me when I see kids selling fireworks outside the school gates and they are thrown and kicked around with complete disregard. Ican only imagine the reaction of our beloved prophet, peace be upon him, if he could see what was happening in the muslim world. Some kids actually lit a fire in a small space between the wall and my brother in laws car! Alhamdulileh we smelt it before any damage was done.
As for us, we are keeping away from bidaa, a nice quiet day at home cleaning up!!!
Where ever you are a have a safe and peaceful day insha’allah.

some fun!

The older kids are bogged down with exams so i thought i would change the routine with some fun…….

only a couple more days insha’allah and they’ll be done. Then we have the joy of waiting for results. The tears and/or joy. And then insha’allah the promise of spring upon us with a the hols to suffer enjoy!