chilly days

Chilly days are about wrapping in winter woolies and snuggling by the fire with mugs of hot tea!
Baking bread on that tabona hug steaming bowls of lobbia, spiced up with harissa!photo-0056

Kids get their wellies on to wade through the mud to school, how they hate them lol!!

Enjoying th epeace of no one here except baby and me! But spring is here and such days are rare, but how I love them when the occasionally reappear!


The beautiful veggies are here with the spring sunshine, oooh how I love them, the Uk just can’t compare! So much to choose from in what wewant to cook, Allah has blessed us in so many ways!

This is the time when we start to use the terrace, flor picnincing ,playing, reading or simply hanging the washing!

I hope where ever you are you are enjoying the spring weather, and I also apologise for my random ramblings!!!


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