is such a blessed day. But somehow it seems to be so fraught and always in a rush……

Breakfast, showers, lunch, washing the school clothes and hanging them todry,sometimes a trip out, coffee, dinner and get ready for bed early back to school tomorrow.

Insha’allah today will be different and I will read all of surat al kahf, insha’allah……………



the day after the destroyers

Photo-0175Photo-0182Life here in Algeia is nothing if not uneventful! Yesterday the road gang reached our house, they have taken many months to get the 300m or so, with dispute after dispute. Tehy are finally surfacing the road with tarmac and we are soooo looking forward to not having mud up to the knees when it rains insha’allah. How ever the road to acheiving this is not a smooth one…………… excuse the pun!
In ripping up however many centimeters of the road surface they broke 7 water pipes, a small wall that goes along the stairs that lead up to the front wall and the ramp that leads into the garage!
Shortly after the workers left the water company very cleverly switched the water back on . The water pooled and pooled and pooled it creeps nearer to the doorhe neighbourhood boys picked up shovels and pick axes and began digging out a channel so the water could escape through the mounds of debris! Some of the neighbours further down then very graciously came and started shouting at the kids, “leave the water to build up where it is! Ma’aleesh!!” of course ma’aleesh its not your house thats gonna get flooded. Subhnallah. I find algerians have a curious mix of selflessness and selfishness. may Allah guide us all!


And through all of this its such a terrible shame that and arid muslim land would let all this clean water go to waste!

fruit salad


was a lovely refreshing strat to my day masha’allah.

I have just realised (it only took my 38 years!!) that I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I mean I clean or I browse the web, or lilke thelast few days I decorate or I sew or I go out or I bake. I dedicate a whole day to a bulk task, which means I am very irregular with soooo many important things like reading quran, and catching up with blog world regualrily. So here is to a new start moderation!!! A little bit of ths and that everyday, I mean why is it so important for me to finish everything in one go ????????

after a restless night…….

I feel like I need a really long nap not a really hard clear up. Poor dd was up itching away bless her. The joys of mother hood…….alhamdulileh 4 of the 7 have had chicken pox already otherwise it could have taken weeks to work its way through the house!

Made a bit of cous cous  masfouf for lunch. The cool leban was delicious through the seering heat we are having these days. Everyone enjoyed it masha’allah.  Alhamdulileh for our blessings they are sooo many.

so much to do so little time, the chores are awaiting I had surely better move myself!


checking in

I have been very negligent of my blog and I am sorry! Time just flies by subhnallah.

We have been home alone for around 10 days now and in that time I have managed to redecorate the childrens bedroom, unfortunately weare now at the clearing up stage…………bleugh! One room down two to go. I may whip up a few pics, they are suitably happy with their new rooms. OOh except for my little princess who wanted her like her brothers!!! Ty[pical.



Now after we have finished the grand clear up I will be hoping to get my sewing machine out I am really in the mood to sew!

OOh yes and dd got the chicken pox…………………………………

Have a great week everyone!

Home alone

When home alone I tend to become creative, because I am not tied own to meals at certain times we can become so much simple and free range!

Here is a couple of things I whipped up last week with much more plans in the offing insha’allah!
Am planning a spot of painting inthe childrens bedrooms and some summer clothes for my girls. We’ll see what I actually manage to come up with ……..

sewing adventures!

sewing adventures!

We made and decorated some biscuits after been inspired by a certain dear sister, I have to say maybe we need some lessons from her kids……