checking in

I have been very negligent of my blog and I am sorry! Time just flies by subhnallah.

We have been home alone for around 10 days now and in that time I have managed to redecorate the childrens bedroom, unfortunately weare now at the clearing up stage…………bleugh! One room down two to go. I may whip up a few pics, they are suitably happy with their new rooms. OOh except for my little princess who wanted her like her brothers!!! Ty[pical.



Now after we have finished the grand clear up I will be hoping to get my sewing machine out I am really in the mood to sew!

OOh yes and dd got the chicken pox…………………………………

Have a great week everyone!


4 thoughts on “checking in

  1. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    Ma sha Allah the colours are lovely. Looks like you lot have been hard at it! Poor Dd, hope she’s feeling better soon! Chamomile lotion is the only thing for it.


    • Unfortunately we cant get any in algeria!! not in my chemists anyway………alhamdulileh she slept normally last night xxxxx

  2. salaam…labas tahore insha’allah for poor little susu..the bedrooms look great masha’allah…LOVE the stripes!!!!!!!

  3. Salam, yes masha’allah! Mum did a great job, I must say she is a mother to be proud of πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† πŸ˜› :D!!!!!!!
    Yes I like the pink stripes and the little circles! The blue stripes would have been nicer if mum finished the whole wall πŸ˜›

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