fruit salad


was a lovely refreshing strat to my day masha’allah.

I have just realised (it only took my 38 years!!) that I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I mean I clean or I browse the web, or lilke thelast few days I decorate or I sew or I go out or I bake. I dedicate a whole day to a bulk task, which means I am very irregular with soooo many important things like reading quran, and catching up with blog world regualrily. So here is to a new start moderation!!! A little bit of ths and that everyday, I mean why is it so important for me to finish everything in one go ????????


5 thoughts on “fruit salad

  1. You know what, I think i’m like that too! But like you, I’m trying to sort it out and find moderation!

    Umm Hibaat

    • nice to know I am not alone! done well today though masha’allah, bit of washing , bit of tidying, bit of cooking, bit of this that and the other!! Insha’allah I can strike a balance!

  2. oooh…seems like this is an affliction that many of us suffer from….
    I’m exactly the same….maybe I’ll try this moderation thingy and see how it goes!!

  3. 😆 !!! You are on a diet though 😛 :lol:!! If you were not on a diet you might have deffinatly enjoyed bread and butter and jam!! I might join you on your diet and see how many kilos I can loose :lol:! But thats after when abis comes back with choccy 😆 😀 …….

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