the day after the destroyers

Photo-0175Photo-0182Life here in Algeia is nothing if not uneventful! Yesterday the road gang reached our house, they have taken many months to get the 300m or so, with dispute after dispute. Tehy are finally surfacing the road with tarmac and we are soooo looking forward to not having mud up to the knees when it rains insha’allah. How ever the road to acheiving this is not a smooth one…………… excuse the pun!
In ripping up however many centimeters of the road surface they broke 7 water pipes, a small wall that goes along the stairs that lead up to the front wall and the ramp that leads into the garage!
Shortly after the workers left the water company very cleverly switched the water back on . The water pooled and pooled and pooled it creeps nearer to the doorhe neighbourhood boys picked up shovels and pick axes and began digging out a channel so the water could escape through the mounds of debris! Some of the neighbours further down then very graciously came and started shouting at the kids, “leave the water to build up where it is! Ma’aleesh!!” of course ma’aleesh its not your house thats gonna get flooded. Subhnallah. I find algerians have a curious mix of selflessness and selfishness. may Allah guide us all!


And through all of this its such a terrible shame that and arid muslim land would let all this clean water go to waste!


3 thoughts on “the day after the destroyers

  1. Oh that’s terrible! I hope it’s all ok now. You’d be surprised at how much water gets wasted here too!

    BTW, I hope you had a nice Friday!

  2. 😆 It was awful! especially when one day they didnt apear all day but arrived in their working trucks at about 10:00 in the night and left at midnight :lol:!!

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