being mum

I’m learning that as that biological clock ticks having a baby is so much sweeter masha’allah. Knowing that it may be your last………savouring every sweet minute, every sweet smile, every giggle.
I remember with my first the intense love was the same but I was so impatient for those steps, eating , sitting, crawling, standing and walking.

Now I want to savour it all and hang on to every second before the next satep comes ooooh tooo soon…….


so far

some days have passed in the whirlwind of dh coming home……unpacking, sorting, washing, sleeping, recovering, visitors and of course much excitement and happiness…..especially for the younger kids masha’allah.

And just as normallity was returning, he had to go again………but insha’allah not for long this time!
So we have to try and regain that sense of normality alone.
So some plans in the offing ofr activities for small peeps and big peeps are on a mission to revise qurana nd the journals are well underway……admittedly not with so much enthusiasm from some!
In between there has been some enjoyment of the sun with playing in the infatable pool, and a trip to the sea.
Oh and baby has passed the 6 month marker masha’allah and taken his first few crawling ‘steps’.
And with a much looked forward to arrival very soon, I am feeling very positive masha’allah wa alhamdulileh!
Hope you bloggers are feeling equally positive……

summer would like to list…..

Here a few ideas for us to achieve this summer, some are simple, some are a littel more ambitious…..

1. for my big three to keep a summer journal, with the aim of improving their english and as a keep sake for them!

2. To teach my little three the alphabet and start to read in English

3.To improve my own reading of the quran in Arabic

4.To read some  islamic book, me and the little ones

5.To go back to reading stories to my little peeps

6.To have a lots of small people play time on our beach holiday and at home!

7.I would love my older ones to learn more of a sense of familly responsibilty

8. To be a better wife…….

9.To lose my finnicky ways and delegate !

10.To waste less time.

Whats your summer action plan???



chicken burgers



This is what my son requested for his celebratary dinner folowing his sixieme success! chicken burgers, chips and ketchup!!! That must be his european half, nothing like a bit of junk food every now and again……although it was a bit of a healthier take!!!


Today it was the turn of cinamon fairy cakes, thier wings embedded in chocolate spread!


 At lunch I was blessed with a twin yolk egg, guess thats lucky in some cultures…………dh would say it means we will have our twins…………..fortunately he wasn’t here to see !!!


I practised my new skills with drilling and hung a couple of small frames for my girls!


Shortened some curtains that have been trailing in the dust for far too long………in anticipation that I can sew something more fun!



And then there is the chicken pox looking better already Alhamdulileh!!!

the pox returns……

Just when i was thinking that my two youngest had escaped chicken pox the two erupted into spots at seemingly the same hour!  Alhamdulileh it of course better that they develope immunity to this uncomfortable illness while children but i feel so sorry for them. Especially the baby barely six months and now being so badly covered in angry red welts.

this is now being finished a day later, my 4 year old seems to have got over the worst of the pox alhamdulileh. my baby however appears to be becoming more and more stressed and irritated poor little boy…….. I tried the bicarb in water doesn’t seem to help…………….tonight I am going to try an oatmeal bath insha’allah that will soothe the poor little bunny……..

We are still home alone, insha’allah dh will be back soon………………….

with all the illness i have yet to acheive much on the sewing front however i did manage my first sun hat just before we were poxed!