the pox returns……

Just when i was thinking that my two youngest had escaped chicken pox the two erupted into spots at seemingly the same hour!  Alhamdulileh it of course better that they develope immunity to this uncomfortable illness while children but i feel so sorry for them. Especially the baby barely six months and now being so badly covered in angry red welts.

this is now being finished a day later, my 4 year old seems to have got over the worst of the pox alhamdulileh. my baby however appears to be becoming more and more stressed and irritated poor little boy…….. I tried the bicarb in water doesn’t seem to help…………….tonight I am going to try an oatmeal bath insha’allah that will soothe the poor little bunny……..

We are still home alone, insha’allah dh will be back soon………………….

with all the illness i have yet to acheive much on the sewing front however i did manage my first sun hat just before we were poxed!



4 thoughts on “the pox returns……

  1. Oh poor little ones! Yes alhamdulillah it is good that I have it out of the way when they’re little. But it still pains to see them like that. Do you use chamomile on them? It won’t be long before they’re up and at it as usual in sha Allah!


  2. Awwww! Miskin, yes he is suffering………….
    And I never knew that my washing up would appear in your blog!! Cor blimey, they were auful! (But I think that all washing up is awful so thats nothing new;)!!)

  3. salam!

    i coukdnt find any camomile lotion where I live. but am now told that you can get it her but we are over the worst insha’allah. I tried bicarb, not any good and then I gave them an oatmeal bath and they slept well masha’allah, but that could have been coincidence!!!

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