chicken burgers



This is what my son requested for his celebratary dinner folowing his sixieme success! chicken burgers, chips and ketchup!!! That must be his european half, nothing like a bit of junk food every now and again……although it was a bit of a healthier take!!!


Today it was the turn of cinamon fairy cakes, thier wings embedded in chocolate spread!


 At lunch I was blessed with a twin yolk egg, guess thats lucky in some cultures…………dh would say it means we will have our twins…………..fortunately he wasn’t here to see !!!


I practised my new skills with drilling and hung a couple of small frames for my girls!


Shortened some curtains that have been trailing in the dust for far too long………in anticipation that I can sew something more fun!



And then there is the chicken pox looking better already Alhamdulileh!!!


2 thoughts on “chicken burgers

  1. ooh they look yum masha’allah…….lets hope tho that you dont get too many more of those double

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