so far

some days have passed in the whirlwind of dh coming home……unpacking, sorting, washing, sleeping, recovering, visitors and of course much excitement and happiness…..especially for the younger kids masha’allah.

And just as normallity was returning, he had to go again………but insha’allah not for long this time!
So we have to try and regain that sense of normality alone.
So some plans in the offing ofr activities for small peeps and big peeps are on a mission to revise qurana nd the journals are well underway……admittedly not with so much enthusiasm from some!
In between there has been some enjoyment of the sun with playing in the infatable pool, and a trip to the sea.
Oh and baby has passed the 6 month marker masha’allah and taken his first few crawling ‘steps’.
And with a much looked forward to arrival very soon, I am feeling very positive masha’allah wa alhamdulileh!
Hope you bloggers are feeling equally positive……


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