summer days

today was nice…… far……its only 18.15 so still time for it to turn nasty, motherhood is full of surprises 😆

Today baby had his first d ip inthe small roof pool, he loved it masha’allah and his doting brothers and sisters loved him being in the pool.


Today I was shatara as they say n algeria and baked a marble cake before Iwent up to the roof so we came out of the pool at asr and after noon tea was ready alhamdulileh.


 I am reading through a book called c a t =cat by Mona Mcnee, Insha’allah we will try it out and see if it suits us. Its a phonetic teaching manuel I’m in the process of making some letter cards and insha’allah we will start tomorrow……

new phases

I often feel that life travels along in phases, some good and some not so good.

I am hoping this is going to be a postive new phase, although I am feeling the stress of a string problems, nothing serious insha’allah……with a promise of renewed friendships and new plans for the future again nothing major but small changes which will insha’allah spell improvements to all ofourlives and most importantly our islamic lives.


I am very eagerly looking forward to beign neighbours again with my very dear friend insha’allah. I am looking forward to reading more and picking up my eeman……..and being more moderate as I have mentioned before……not succeeded yet on a regualr basis but you always have to start a plan somewhere.

I found an idea on a sisters blog for this chocolate chip brioche that i modified alittle and threw into hte bread machine

4 cups of flour

4 tablespoons of sugar

2 eggs

cup of milk and a little slosh of water

chocolate chips


and yeast

I put it into the bread machine to knead and then shaped it into rolls on a tin and popped it into the fridge to rise over night and baked it int he oven ofr breakfast. I was really pleased with the results masha’allah.