looking for inspiration…..

I enjoy blog world but am a bit lacking in enusiasm to actually do it! so I thouhgt maybe I would do a little summary of the summer hoping to get myself back in a roll….
At the end of july we went off to mustaghanem again masha’allah. My plan being to unwind and spend time with the kids and masha’allah I did, everyone helped out witht he chores and I spent hours inthe sand with my babes masha’allah!



baby has come along masha’allah…he learned to crawl, popped through some teeth and has taken his first teetering step masha’allah. he loves water and spent hours in the sea at mustaghanem


then of course it was home again and back to reality!! A visit to a sister in law with a new baby masha’allah and then back  home for the start of ramadan!

The blessed month passed in a blare of khobz khemir, shorba and not enough eebada, loyts of hasanet insha’allah for feeding guests but I never manged to get through the whole quran though I did manged to read more then ever in arabic alamdulileh.


My baby girl went into year one…her fist day at school was a blur of excitement masha’allah….its now moved onto another stage of I don’t want to go and I don’t like my teacher…..Insha’allah it improves again



And now here we are heading towards eid al adha and another round of school exams and trials and tribulations mixed with some joy and happiness insha’allah….well thats what life is all about after all……


One thought on “looking for inspiration…..

  1. Aslamu alakum
    what a lovely location Mustagnam from your previous pictures , i am glad you had time to unwind and relax from the ususal routine.
    School life is never gona be easy for them but motherly support on those rough days can make all the difference!

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