winter is finally upon us insha’allah…..

the weather has taken a turn for the cooler finally this week masha’allah. I am enjoying hot tea and socks!!! I always becaome fed up with the heat at the en of summer and fed up of the cold at the end of winter and emrace the new seasons with enthusiasm. Alhamdulileh I am fortunate to live ina climate with such seasons. However at my joy of the onset of autumn and winter comes the realisaton that many people in algeria also suffer(and of course many other countries too) . My sister in law herself regularily gets flooded when the heavy rains come and another sister in law suffers a leaking roof…..Insha’allah they are rehoused before the misery sets in and any other familly who need such improvements, ameen.
Alhamdulileh for my blessings…..wishing you all a fabulous Autumn


3 thoughts on “winter is finally upon us insha’allah…..

  1. Aslamu alakum

    I adore Autumn for the new colours it brings and the bare trees,the crispy leaves and the brisk winds. The nip in the wind that cuts through you and you know its an European Autrum subhan Allah!

    Algeria at this time are very wet and windy and yes i often felt for those in a much fortunate situation Allah A Must’aan , may Allah answer your duas ameen!

  2. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    I love the seasonal changes too! Does Algeria have all those warm autumnal colours? Keep enjoying the socks and hot cups of PG Tips (I have my stash here too!) May Allah ease the situation for those that suffer with the cold and rainy weather.


    • ameen to the duas……no we dont have those beautiful autumn golds and reds here..I used to love that in england slooching through the carpet of fallen leaves! Miind you at least we don’t have to worry about stepping in something unexpected beneath the leaves lol

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