I was tagged…..

rather a while ago ahem…..and while I am quite happy to reveal 10 things about myself  I was worried about tagging 10 more lol as everyone has already being tagged. So i will reveal and anyone who reads and hasn’t been tagged feel free to tag yourself on my behalf!

here goes:-

1) I’m so sloooow in the morning its unreal…i don’t get moving until after lunch most days!

2)I love being alone….not easy with 7 kids.

3)I’m addicted to babies…..I wish i could see a cute baby and think teenager, i would never be broody again!!

4)I LOVE chocolate…probably not a secret but hey in talking about my self how can i not mention it!

5)Aeroplanes fscinate me…I mean how can that shell of laden metal float through the sky!

6)I’m a horsey girl..they are so elegant and beautiful…..my dream would be for a place in the country with horses.

7)I’m a job hoarder…I like to do everything myself

8)I want to write a book….but i’m too lazy 😦

9)I don’t do things until I feel like……which means i waste time

10)I can sometimes be very selfishly and quietly(secretly) determined its not always a good thing……


5 thoughts on “I was tagged…..

  1. haha…I dont need to do it as you did it for me….we have a lot in common…exept for number 6 and 7…apart of those two everything you said goes for me too….

    • lol that makes me feel good i’m not alone!

      Vala I clicked on your name to visit you is it private ??? It was all in french definately not my strong point!

  2. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    I loved this post because: a)I got to know some things about you that I would never have guessed, like the horseyness b) You confirmed things I already knew, like your baby-addiction and your love of chocolate and c)most of it applies to me too, well, more than I’d like to admit! 🙂


  3. Salaam…

    “I’m addicted to babies…..I wish i could see a cute baby and think teenager, i would never be broody again!!”

    ROTFL!! 😆 I agree!!

    As for your list, you sound a lot like me apart from the horsey part… I’d love to live in the countryside too (what am I doing in Riyadh??!) but not bothered about horses. 🙂

    Umm Ibrahim x

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