Eid and football

Subhanallah Eid is almost here already masha’allah……the annual sheep hunt has begun! which means excited children talking and smelling sheep from now until Eid. Alhamdulileh we can afford to buy the sacrifice, unfortunately not all families can. Whilst i love the childrens excitement, i also find eid quite an emotional time….seeing the hajji’s and wishing I was there again, thinking of my familly and wishing they were muslim. The actual slaughtering i still don’t watch adn i try to get away with doing as little as possible in the slaughtering…..not through laziness I just havent really learned to stomach the gorey bits, Iguess its a question of upbringing! I am quite happy to run around fetching what people need and clearing up the mess lol!!

But of course before we can get to eid we have to survive THE football match. World cup qualifier between Egypt and Algeria….the streets are awash with flags and children dressed in their best football gear, holding mini flags and beating the Darbuka(duff) even my baby now claps when he hears the algerian football songs being sang subhanallah. But of course this is harmless fun….well it was until the algerian team bus was attacked anda few of the players were injured though not seriously…it is a feel a shameful reminder for the state of the ummah that while there is bound to be natural rivalry to win at the end of the day we are all muslims and there should be good spirits and warmth between the host and its guests. Its shameful, we don’t see non muslims behaving in such a manner surely we as muslims should be setting the best examples not the worst! May Allah guide us all to the straight path ameen.


3 thoughts on “Eid and football

  1. I miss eid in dz…like you i don’t go anywhere near the sheep but i like the overall atmosphere…what a shame about the football incident…Take care and salaams

  2. Aslamu alakum
    i wish i could be there for fun in Eid esp the Ram experience inshaAllah as i do miss that in the UK now.
    Sadly football has become very political and no longer just a freindly match sad to say non Muslims do behave this was and i was caught up in a stand off during Ramandan …………it can be a very bloody fight and that was just national teams no cupe de monde involved!

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