summer days

and of course what is more perfect then a lunch of masfouf on a warm december summers day! Allahhu alam whats happened to the winter this week but its very enjoyable none the less masha’allah!

 Unfortunately there haven’t  been many days out exploring in this lovely weather………but we did fit in a late afternoon visit to the beach and a spot of football or football watching for baby!

 School turns in in a few days and we still havent done any of my planned craft projects……but there are still a couple of days left! I’ll see what we can come up with Insha’allah………………..

some baking

While my husband and his helpers are busy putting out all there stock in the shop…DD13 escaped to help me knock up some treats for afternoon tea…sounds posh I know especially for a yorkshire girl….but afternoon tea it is! so we made some carrot cake which in true my kids fashion only me dh and ds12 liked….and some oaty biscuits which we all liked(phew! I love it when that happens).

 Well I am gonna correct myself because due to baby number 8 afternoon tea sometimes becomes afternoon coffee….which is highly bizarre because I don’t like it……but thats hormones for you.

Here is alittle sneak preview of a kids crafting session which is hopefully coming soon…..we’ll see how it goes insha’allah…..

and here we are…

at 23.45, kids laid out in their ‘camp’ beds watching footie…thast 5 boys for you….and me and dd on the laptop while baby pads up and down the ikea sofa bed without the matress..he is treading the boards so to speak ! Yes the kids are on holiday and gone ar emy peaceful evening with the little ones exhaisted and snoring in their beds before 9pm…but never mind at least it means we can sneak back into bed for some extra zzzz’s after fajr salat! Its especially delicious when we can hear the wind howling and the rain splattering on the shutters! Happy holidays to everyone out there.

about time too!

well I have finally popped by for an update…things are a little manic at home these days with new projects in the offing offering a different taste of life insha’allah new routines and many changes….
I am not exactly feeling up to the challenge at the moment as things have gone a little downhill at home with me lacking energy and get up and go…it has really been a case of getting through the basics and longing to do more…insha’allah I willpick up soon. As many of you know I suffer with hypothyroidism, it can sometimes bring challenges although normally its fine…i seem to be going through a challenging time battling with medication adjustments, as any normal thyroid suferer would know it takes time patience and perseverence to see what works best for you. I starteda new odse yesterday and am hoping that by the end of the month I will be feeling the difference insha’allah.
No pics to brighten the place up today…..wishing you all a lovely weekend.