and here we are…

at 23.45, kids laid out in their ‘camp’ beds watching footie…thast 5 boys for you….and me and dd on the laptop while baby pads up and down the ikea sofa bed without the matress..he is treading the boards so to speak ! Yes the kids are on holiday and gone ar emy peaceful evening with the little ones exhaisted and snoring in their beds before 9pm…but never mind at least it means we can sneak back into bed for some extra zzzz’s after fajr salat! Its especially delicious when we can hear the wind howling and the rain splattering on the shutters! Happy holidays to everyone out there.


4 thoughts on “and here we are…

  1. my kids are on hols too…they were not meant to be off till thursday but the bad weather ie more snow and icy roads equal no school run tomorrow and wednesday …can’t be bothered cause is only till 12…so yeah same boat as you only you don’t have the christmas blah blah to endure mashallah
    i love to read your updates…make them more regular sis and who is the pretty girl mashallah?

  2. alhamdulillah mine are still coming home pooped from their hifdh classes….good old masjid got them at it, after subh and from maghrib till isha…!!!!
    happy hols….

  3. AsSalaam Alaikum

    Mashallah, sounds like THEY are enjoying the holidays anyway. Inshallah they will all soon be back to school and you will get some time for yourself again.

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