some baking

While my husband and his helpers are busy putting out all there stock in the shop…DD13 escaped to help me knock up some treats for afternoon tea…sounds posh I know especially for a yorkshire girl….but afternoon tea it is! so we made some carrot cake which in true my kids fashion only me dh and ds12 liked….and some oaty biscuits which we all liked(phew! I love it when that happens).

 Well I am gonna correct myself because due to baby number 8 afternoon tea sometimes becomes afternoon coffee….which is highly bizarre because I don’t like it……but thats hormones for you.

Here is alittle sneak preview of a kids crafting session which is hopefully coming soon…..we’ll see how it goes insha’allah…..


4 thoughts on “some baking

  1. heya there mum! havent popped in for ages! lol, I escaped the hard work in the shop! lol, I thought it would be fun finding the objects and sticking prices on them, they sure are tirein’ man! The oat cookies where tasty, they were awesome…. not sure about that carrot cake, YUCK!
    The crafts will be terrfying….. I’m sure! Worse then the paints….
    luv ya xxxx

  2. Salam… Yummy!

    I really only ever drink coffee during pregnancy too! A time when everybody else is cutting down on the caffeine! 🙄 It’s the only drink I can stomach for some reason… lol Umm Ibrahim

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