last couple of weeks…

…in pictures!

 It has been quite a hectic couple of weeks..hence no posts! In a brief summary….I have salved a craving…..being brought treasure from the sahara….relearned to relax with a bit of crochet…..had a few english classes….had a chocoalte covered baby……prised unwilling school goers from their beds on cold mornings…..prepared favourite coffee treats for dh…..and made a batch of peanut butter, which probably won’t last more then a few days!

 I have also been sewing, but am still tweaking as I’m a bit disappointedas to how it turned out……some really bad measuring!!!

Oh yeah and I went for a scan….so depending on the dr’s interpretation of modern technology……we have been given a boy or girl verdict!

Happy days folks!!!!


and my first

to come hot out of the new sewing area are……………..drum roll…………….

some rather boring but necessary pj trousers! And just in time too for the cold snap we had yesterday. We actually saw snow masha’allah, very briefly yes, but snow none the less! It was my first time seeing snow since we moved into our house 5 years ago. That year it actually settled and we merrily froze in our not quite finished house that still had windows missing  brrr!

And in an attempt to combat the cold nothing appealed to me more then some beans and home made bread, yum.

This bread is one of my enduring culinary memories of the hajj. Been introduced to tamees and fool made a very welcome change to the rice and shawarmas that seem to make up most ready food in mecca and Madina. Of course this is algerian beans and algerian tamees! It is  a recipie that continues to elude me but this is the closest I have come in my experimenting. Its simply flour, vegetable oil, salt , yeast and plenty of warm water for really soft dough. Risen and then rolled out thin and cooked on my clay tagine. Of course traditionally it is cooked in the old clay fire ovens(not sure what they are called) over Afghanistan and Pakistan. Its delicious and also lovely when still warm and labina spread over it yum masha’allah! Sometimes we can even find a tub of Labinah in Algiers these days. Mmmmmmm can feel a new craving coming on!


is upon us already masha’allah! This means a night camping in the sitting room with my kiddy winks and hponig they don’t wake me too early….I mean if they are home I should at least be able to get a bit of extra sleep after fajr! in theory at least….How I wish i loved getting up early!

 I wish I could call weekends relaxed but they just seem to be a time to get the ‘tabliyas’ washed, folks showered and qamises ironed for the mosque and then bath time for the little ones. Normally we would try to squeeze in a weekend outing but not this weekend withy dh away. So its down to me to provide some fun and squash it in somewhere between homework and revision for tests starting next week insha’allah and the daily quran.

And here is the beginnings of something to emerge from my sewing area and a few fancyings of a pregnant lady!

ta da!!!

here you are my faithful ones…for those who doubt I can carry through a plan!

almost done just a few bits and pieces to round up and I’m sorted…then to creativity, the wuestion is will I actually make anything any quicker then I owuld have without organising? To see if it revolutionises my sewing(which I do actually love!)  watch this space!!!

And here are my rather sad rock cakes…I’m sure many of are wondering why they are sad (just pretend if you really don’t care…please!!!) they are sad because my kids wont eat dried they are rather sad and plain, bless! But I still enjoyed them alhamdulileh.

My apologies for the dark piccy, I’m actually really chuffed that my mad phone is actually taking pics at the mo masha’allah!!!

and todays project is….

To turn these

into an organised, inspirational area for me to just sit and make when the urge takes me and i have a little empty time!

I’ll let you know how i get on insha’allah. Now off to work!

and this was


a very satisfying shear for ds 12, all that hair really didnt suit him!

then off the boys went to friday prayers…..that was the most peaceful time of the day masha’allah. Then after lunch we moved onto some creative fighting  play.

oops we got a picture on its side….never mind! I forgot to photograph the results….but they made some lovely pictures with fabric shapes and glue, which they really enjoyed aside from thr interference of ds12! i think we can something similar again insha’allah!

And of course what friday afternoon would be complete without this?

And what do we have to look forward to tomorrow………..SCHOOL………..:) alhamdulileh!