and this was


a very satisfying shear for ds 12, all that hair really didnt suit him!

then off the boys went to friday prayers…..that was the most peaceful time of the day masha’allah. Then after lunch we moved onto some creative fighting  play.

oops we got a picture on its side….never mind! I forgot to photograph the results….but they made some lovely pictures with fabric shapes and glue, which they really enjoyed aside from thr interference of ds12! i think we can something similar again insha’allah!

And of course what friday afternoon would be complete without this?

And what do we have to look forward to tomorrow………..SCHOOL………..:) alhamdulileh!


3 thoughts on “and this was

  1. Salam Mum,

    Your sheared sheep’s (ds 12!) hair, deffinatly didnt suit him. Hahahaha! He looked mad, esp when putting hair gel in it (typical teen, or tween in his case :D!).
    I hope you dont plan another crafting session in an awful long time, mum! It really was awful, with fighting, screeming, fighting, yet more fighting!!! A night mare, while you kept shouting and scolding your ds 12!!! The little kiddies enjoyed them (appart from the fighting and niose!) masha’allah!
    Yum, the choccy cake was awesome too! Really loved the chocolatey taste to it.
    Yay…..SCHOOL!!! Awesome morning I had, very intresting and fun! Though the morning flew by subhannallah!!
    Enjoy the comment.
    Love ya 2 bits. xxxx

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