ta da!!!

here you are my faithful ones…for those who doubt I can carry through a plan!

almost done just a few bits and pieces to round up and I’m sorted…then to creativity, the wuestion is will I actually make anything any quicker then I owuld have without organising? To see if it revolutionises my sewing(which I do actually love!)  watch this space!!!

And here are my rather sad rock cakes…I’m sure many of are wondering why they are sad (just pretend if you really don’t care…please!!!) they are sad because my kids wont eat dried fruits..so they are rather sad and plain, bless! But I still enjoyed them alhamdulileh.

My apologies for the dark piccy, I’m actually really chuffed that my mad phone is actually taking pics at the mo masha’allah!!!


6 thoughts on “ta da!!!

  1. Assalaamu ALaykum,

    Ma sha Allah! Isn’t it great ot get all organised? I’m waiting to see some of your sewing! I’m hoping to get my hands on a machine to try it out a bit in sha Allah 🙂 I’m sure the rock cakes were yummy!


  2. wa alaiakum assalem to you both! Insha’allah not too many new moons will pass before you see somw results FF!

    Vala I would love to say you can find anything you need , but its a bit hotch potch like everything else…some time you can find what you want and next time you go there is nothing! its a question of persistence and patience i guess!!!

  3. masha’allah.. well done on the organising front and the baking front too 😉 just 2 more fronts heehee.. glad your camera is being good for you too alhamdulillah. I have to go with your kids on the dried fruit thing too 😀

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