is upon us already masha’allah! This means a night camping in the sitting room with my kiddy winks and hponig they don’t wake me too early….I mean if they are home I should at least be able to get a bit of extra sleep after fajr! in theory at least….How I wish i loved getting up early!

 I wish I could call weekends relaxed but they just seem to be a time to get the ‘tabliyas’ washed, folks showered and qamises ironed for the mosque and then bath time for the little ones. Normally we would try to squeeze in a weekend outing but not this weekend withy dh away. So its down to me to provide some fun and squash it in somewhere between homework and revision for tests starting next week insha’allah and the daily quran.

And here is the beginnings of something to emerge from my sewing area and a few fancyings of a pregnant lady!


4 thoughts on “thursday

  1. selecto!!!! definately a pregnancy craving…sis I can not see the first pic but little one is looking gorgeous mashallah

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