shakshuka ta Biskra

has got to be my all time favourite algerian dish! This is how i make it…..

Take 3 bowls od fine semolina or 2 semolina to 1 flour, 1 1/2 soup spoons of salt and water(Quantity really depends on the seomlina!)

Mix togethor to make a rough dough, cover with plastic  and leave to sit for a few hours if you have time….alternatively roll your sleeves up and get kneading!!

After leaving to rest it will need a light knead you will have a smooth elastic dough that is ready to add water too…

add water slowly pushing it in with your fists until it is very soft but not overly sticky….when you leave the ball of dough on the top it will slowly start to spread and you will easily be able to squeeze out small balls like this…

Its really important to squeeze the balls out like this otherwise it will make it really difficult to open the dough up. Put your ball onto a lightly oiled smooth surface and push it flat with the palm of your hand and smooth it out when it doesnt spread any more pick up the edges and gently stretch it out…it needs to be very thin like this and as this possible at the edges!

then fold each edge in to get a smaller rectangle

then cook this on alightly oiled flat iron pan amd work through the rest of the dough in this manner till it is all cooked! An alternative method which i prefer but forgot to photograph is to make the balls smaller and open it out in a round to fit the pan cook one side and then turn and place another round on top and turn etc..this method is quicker .

When you have all your mussimin cooked rip them into bite size peices(this is the kids job!)

the sauce is made with Chicken, carrots, corgettes and as you liek for other veg I have done it with ‘lift’ (mouli??) and potatoes which help to thickent he sauce.

You will also need a large onion finely chopped,

few cloves of garlic cruched,

A large spoon of tomatoe purree,

tsp of ground coriander

tsp of ground cumin,

a little cinamon,

and tsp ras al hanout and chilli to taste!

salt and pepper

I throw all of the above in a pan and them simmer a little til the juices start to run, add water and cook a little before adding the carrots, cook alittle more and add the rest of the veg. You need anice amount of sauce to soak into the mussimin…sometimes I use alittle flour or cornflour to thicken! and here it is ……

Bih sahatkum!


8 thoughts on “shakshuka ta Biskra

  1. lol!
    lucky you…apparently you can buy it in the market ready made, but trust me to find that out after I have been doing it for years! No excuse to buy it any more hehe

  2. Aslamun alakum ukti
    you are a shatr ukti for being able i adore this dish but can’t get past the dough bit mashaallah well done looks yummy!

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