just a quick

pop by ! I have spent much energy this week on the thought that a tidy home makes for a tidy mind. And while I have successfully rearranged lots of furniture and created a quite cosy space to let my mind breathe….I only acheived it today. Fortunately it was in time for the weekend so insha’allah i will make some use of it while the boys go for a football session tomorrow( I hope!).
I certainly feel less stressed with many jobs done and i’m hoping to find a peaceful routine to maintain it with minimal time wasting so I can fit more satisfying activities into my day, god willing.


3 thoughts on “just a quick

  1. as-salamu aleykum,

    dear sister, i’m so happy that i discovered your blog mashAllah! It makes me feel less lonly in my everday life in Algeria! I’m a german convert alhamdulillah, living in al mouradia (since 5 years now).

    As for your routines, do you know flylady.net? You can spuscribe to have free e-mails everyday with little routines to follow to have a tidy house with a minimum of effort!
    It helped me alot, especially here in Algeria, where it’s seemes that endless tiding and cleaning does not mean to end with a beautyful house! May Allah give us a beautyfull house in genna al firdaws!
    I still do not have a cosy corner like you arranged it now, mashAllah,
    but i don’t give up hope i will have a presentable room one day to invite sisters, do some handcrafts, read….
    if you don’t mind sitting in the childrens bedroom come, sit with me and a cup of tea….

    looking forward to read more from you,

    salamu aleykum, and lots of bussas to the little crowd, mashAllah


  2. assalemo alaikum!

    Thankyou also for commenting and dropping by and for the fly lady recommendation! I seem to remember dropping by the fly lady once before maybe I will give her a revisist!
    Though i am happy to report that my new routine is now settling in and I have finally enjoyed my cosy corner! alhamdulileh..I look forward to more ocmments and maybe that cup of tea one day it seems you don’t live so far away masha’allah!

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