It has been

beautiful weather this last week, while the kids are on their spring holidays, masha’allah. Unfortunately we havent been able to go out and enjoy the gorgeous weather due to bad reprts for my 2 big boys! Instead they are passing their time catching upon studies and helping me in my gradual spring clearout.

 Alhamdulileh I am releived to have done the two biggest jobs with their help and just have one more room to sort insha’allah, before I can take it easy and maybe even have some fun!

 One of the joys of being in somewhere in like Algeria, at this time of year is the huge bunch of ‘silq hai’ that was freshly picked form some meadow. Alive(wild) spinach, I love the use of language. It sounds as vibrant as the colour of the leaves masha’allah, and some bunches quickly became a lovely lunch. Also on the menu have been my first attempt at profiteroles, not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be masha’allah. Another sweet has been lemon merigue pie, something I have never eaten until pregnant with this baby, but something I have been enjoying……masha’allah.

Wishing you all a happy rest of  holidays and a refreshing spring insha’allah!


Its mid week….

…..and i am feeling old and tired! I don’t think its the fact that I am officially turning 39 in a few days, more the turns of life making me feel all of them these days!

 We have been afllicted with a virus in the house, doesn’t seem we are alone, something is ‘doing the rounds’ Alhamdulileh! A much needed cleansing for sins insha’allah. But always a releif to see your little sleepy sad baby come back to gigling and enjoying lifes adventures masha’allah.

 Another casualty this week has been my phone! So no pics for the near future unless a new phone magically appears or I find something suitable in my albumns to brighten the place up.

 On a more serious note I attended the funeral of a lovely sister whom I have not seen for maybe 11 years, but whose warmth and love of her deen never left me. After 9 years fighting cancer, insha’allah she is now in a much better place. May Allah grant her a wide grave and jannat al firdous insha’allah.  And may those she left behind have patience and abundant reward through their patience. Ameen

 My father is also gravely ill, it is really just a question of time with terminal lung cancer. And for me as a muslima facing the reality of losing a familly member that has not come into Islam. And thinking of what their grave holds for them. Living in Algeria many people ask about your familly back home and how are they….but they really have very little understanding of the meaning of having a non muslim familly, especially in the face of death and will often make the same duas they would make for a muslim, thinking of them as the people of the book and not really as kafrs or non muslims.

 My father and I have not been close since I embraced Islam. He was never happy with my choices and it has only been in the face of death that we are talking more. People often talk of regrets, insha’allah I will have non. I have tried to talk about islam, he rejected it. He doesnt even have any particular religious beliefs…..seems funny that he has arranged his own funeral with a church service and place in a church graveyard….or maybe that is some kind of recognition in the face of death.

 It is kind of strange, but yet kind of beautiful to be in the position of waiting for a new life within our familly, and the passing of another life also within the familly. These are reminders that Allah leaves for us. To all my beautiful sisters make a priority in your lives to make dua for our own famillies and each others famillies. May Allah remove the blindness from their hearts and guide them to the truth. May he make us steadfast upon the straight path, ameen.

 These times make you so grateful for the blessings Allah has bestowed upon us, insha’allah these feelings will stay close, so that we can feel close to our Lord and not forget that ever present cycle of life of births and more importantly of deaths, ameen. And when all of mankind are gathered on that last day, may we be in the shade of Allah, with his mercy showering us. Ameen

that time of year

has  come around again masha’allah. The time when I feel the urge to clear out and move things around. Maybe a little of the nesting instinct too with my mind full of things I want to sink my teeth in too but as usual don’t have time for!

 I have created my cosy area which I have been using masha’allah, not as much as I would like to but I have used it! and I have transformed a bare hallway into an area for the kids which I am quite happy with because I can actually hear them when I am down here

which is were my kitchen is…all on her lonesome apart from a bathroom! It can be a little unpractical with small children but alhamdulileh we work around it and I’m blessed with a good sized kitchen so I can often busy them with activities down there with me.

Here is the ‘new’ hallway, looking quite cosy i think!

we also use this area to pray in masha’allah so fairly flexible!

The younger children have been home from school thanks to yet another teachers strike….which i wouldnt mind sooo much if i could sleep a little in the morning but with other children still at school or in the mosque such luxury for me!

WIP…no  not really ! Lots of thoughts in process with brimming pink baby ideas, but I need to get out for materials which is proving a bit tricky with dh tied up in his new business. But I will keep working on it! Who knows maybe next time I will have something a little more interesting to blog about then the daily grind!

happy weekend to you all!