that time of year

has  come around again masha’allah. The time when I feel the urge to clear out and move things around. Maybe a little of the nesting instinct too with my mind full of things I want to sink my teeth in too but as usual don’t have time for!

 I have created my cosy area which I have been using masha’allah, not as much as I would like to but I have used it! and I have transformed a bare hallway into an area for the kids which I am quite happy with because I can actually hear them when I am down here

which is were my kitchen is…all on her lonesome apart from a bathroom! It can be a little unpractical with small children but alhamdulileh we work around it and I’m blessed with a good sized kitchen so I can often busy them with activities down there with me.

Here is the ‘new’ hallway, looking quite cosy i think!

we also use this area to pray in masha’allah so fairly flexible!

The younger children have been home from school thanks to yet another teachers strike….which i wouldnt mind sooo much if i could sleep a little in the morning but with other children still at school or in the mosque such luxury for me!

WIP…no  not really ! Lots of thoughts in process with brimming pink baby ideas, but I need to get out for materials which is proving a bit tricky with dh tied up in his new business. But I will keep working on it! Who knows maybe next time I will have something a little more interesting to blog about then the daily grind!

happy weekend to you all!


9 thoughts on “that time of year

  1. corner is looking cosy with almost everything on hand mashaAllah. Girl power is it then? May Allah protect you and your family ukti . Xxxxxxxxx

  2. jazakallahu khairan everyone! I’m not sure we can declare girl power as we females are still out numbered…but insha’allah we are evening things up! dd6 is delighted masha’allah dd13 says she would prefer another brother because little sisters are soooo annoying go figure!

  3. Actually thats not ture mummy, I said sisters can be annoying and little tell tales just like Sumaya… But I hope this baby wont turn out the same as Susu… But I love little boys too, they are sooo cute, I love dressing them up casually….

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