It has been

beautiful weather this last week, while the kids are on their spring holidays, masha’allah. Unfortunately we havent been able to go out and enjoy the gorgeous weather due to bad reprts for my 2 big boys! Instead they are passing their time catching upon studies and helping me in my gradual spring clearout.

 Alhamdulileh I am releived to have done the two biggest jobs with their help and just have one more room to sort insha’allah, before I can take it easy and maybe even have some fun!

 One of the joys of being in somewhere in like Algeria, at this time of year is the huge bunch of ‘silq hai’ that was freshly picked form some meadow. Alive(wild) spinach, I love the use of language. It sounds as vibrant as the colour of the leaves masha’allah, and some bunches quickly became a lovely lunch. Also on the menu have been my first attempt at profiteroles, not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be masha’allah. Another sweet has been lemon merigue pie, something I have never eaten until pregnant with this baby, but something I have been enjoying……masha’allah.

Wishing you all a happy rest of  holidays and a refreshing spring insha’allah!


5 thoughts on “It has been

  1. I’ve always heard that Spring is nice in Algeria. I’m sure it is. Funny, I made lemon meringue pie yersterday. My mum asked me to, for her little tea party!

    Hope you and family are well!

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