I know

I’ve been a bad blogger! time is flying by subhanallah . So many things happening, some good, some bad, some trying some lifting. Its that circle of life that never ends.

After a couple of days in  the fresh air of the countryside we were feeling refreshed. Lovely spring weather bronzing the childrens cheeks, with the freedom of country life. Picking wild vegetables, flowers and exploring new places. I don’t think there are many things much more relaxing masha’allah.

 Unfortunatley we hadnt even reached home after this lovely break when I received a call form my sister saying that dad was not really conscious and they didnt expect him to last the night. Having been aware of a thing for so long makes it slightly unreal when it happens.  But Allah’s qadr is the last word and he passed away that night. It threw me off track for a while. Not wanting to talk, not wanting to think, days going by in a blur with lots of staring into space and forgetting my focus. But Allah is merciful and eventually our minds fall back into place and we get up and go on. Insha’allah these events make us stronger and better. More appreciative of what we still have and of whats yet to come.

Goodbye dad.