and here we are..

the big day came and went! we are at 40 weeks  plus one and as reliable as ever no signs if this baby budging by herself. In fact quite the opposite as the little mite keep shifting her position and deciding that her head is much more comfortable in my hip rather then my pelvis! I have to say its not the first time with one of my babies, but a little disturbing none the less. All I can do is focus and make plenty of dua that when the time does come she is in the right place insha’allah!

I have to say that my mood hasn’t been the greatest this week, my poor kids have been suffering the sharp end of normally placid tongue. My peaceful mood, of the week before, has well and truly floated away………..
So my aim for this week is to reatain that calm mood, focus on my body and its preperations for labour(well lets face it its hard to forget!) and spend these last few days (insha’allah not weeks) enjoying the sprogs I already have!


Time is

 slowly and peacefully(well apart from the kids) drafting past me as I head towards 39 weeks , Insha’allah D Day will soon be here!

We are moving into final stages preperations and bag is packed(sort of!), clothes are ready for babes (sort of!), nappies finished(sort of! got 3 left to stitch up!). my room is more or less sorted and I am now in the process of sorting out the childrens summer clothes in an effort to lessen work afterwards…….

still  on my prep list however are….semolina roasting for the inevitable algerian tamina, dates for the tahnik of the newborn insha’allah, and lots of tidying!!!!

The tweens in my home are in midflow with the final exams before the summer break and the primaries are yet to start. We were amazed when my two tween boys declined to go playing footie yesterday evening choosing instead to stay home and revise……………………yes it still makes me dizzy, thinking about it!!!! Insha’allah it shows in their results which were well below what they can acheive last term.

My mind is now beginning to focus on the task ahead of giving birth, wondering what labour has in store for me this time and hoping it follow in the same pattern as my last 4. Hoping desperately to avoid artficial induction and long for the gentle care of algerian midwives (this may be the hardest to acheive!). All is in Allahs hand, and with daily dua I trust in him!

new projects

are always on my mind. I don’t always reveal them. I very often slowly digest them and then spit them out as unsavoury or go with it in a frenzy if impatience. I love change. It keeps my energy going, inspires me to carry on without feeling the drugery of day to day.

 And with inspiration from a friend I have returned to an old fondness of mine. Cloth nappies. With the prospect of two babies looming on the horizon insha’allah, I have rediscovered my love of soft, yummy, non scrunchy washable, bum cloths. After much searching the www, and feeling extremely horrified at the price of them since my last purchase, I decided to be frugal and make my own! So here they are lovingly created with soft flannel from unused bed sheets.