new projects

are always on my mind. I don’t always reveal them. I very often slowly digest them and then spit them out as unsavoury or go with it in a frenzy if impatience. I love change. It keeps my energy going, inspires me to carry on without feeling the drugery of day to day.

 And with inspiration from a friend I have returned to an old fondness of mine. Cloth nappies. With the prospect of two babies looming on the horizon insha’allah, I have rediscovered my love of soft, yummy, non scrunchy washable, bum cloths. After much searching the www, and feeling extremely horrified at the price of them since my last purchase, I decided to be frugal and make my own! So here they are lovingly created with soft flannel from unused bed sheets.


4 thoughts on “new projects

  1. oh I love this….I was watching youtube videos the other night about how to sew a cloth nappy…loving laundry at the moment but homemade cloth nappies for the gorgeous little ones hanging outside in the algerian sun….bliss

    • I made some shaped pads, with towels and the cotton off cuts from the nappies themselves. Nice to see you blogging!!!

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