and here we are..

the big day came and went! we are at 40 weeks  plus one and as reliable as ever no signs if this baby budging by herself. In fact quite the opposite as the little mite keep shifting her position and deciding that her head is much more comfortable in my hip rather then my pelvis! I have to say its not the first time with one of my babies, but a little disturbing none the less. All I can do is focus and make plenty of dua that when the time does come she is in the right place insha’allah!

I have to say that my mood hasn’t been the greatest this week, my poor kids have been suffering the sharp end of normally placid tongue. My peaceful mood, of the week before, has well and truly floated away………..
So my aim for this week is to reatain that calm mood, focus on my body and its preperations for labour(well lets face it its hard to forget!) and spend these last few days (insha’allah not weeks) enjoying the sprogs I already have!


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