it’s been

a while since i was last here. This is why………………..

born on the 6th of june, masha’allah. Alhamdulileh, the labour was swift, following the pattern of my last 3 children and recovery has so far been good masha’allah. Allah is indeed most merciful.

This little man has also been challenging to deal with. Though he loves the baby, she has of course altered the pattern of his routine. He hasn’t taken to kindly to sharing umi. I guess you can’t blame him, he is still a baby himself………..but in a few months he will have himself a playmate insha’allah and the trauma of sharing will be forgotten!


8 thoughts on “it’s been

  1. Ma sha Allah tabaarak Allah so cute!!! Alhamdulillah it all went well. You’re right, it’s to be expected that big brother will find it a little tough in the beginning but SO true that he’ll have a playmate soon in sha Allah!!!

  2. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Masha’Allah they look so sweet together – insha’Allah he will enjoy having a new playmate in a few month’s time when she becomes mobile. 🙂

  3. soooooooooooo cute mashallah, enjoy the joys of motherhood and may Allah make the hardships a source of reward for you , ameen

  4. Aslamu alakum ukti

    Mubrook, may Allah protect your child and bless this child to be source of happiness and sadaqah jarriyyah to you.

    We all have to grow up one day sister, I have been feeling a little of what you have been to but more vocally.its all started with a series of halaqh’s about DEATH and me mentioning to mine I was going to buy my kafan in preparation. This caused a major stir in my household esp amongst my children and my non Muslim family. This made me realise how my children take my being here for them for granted and worried me to how they would cope if i was no longer ( I am guessing they will cope) but yes it does make you look ahead and at past. Worry about the here and now ukti , equip them with the best skills you can possibly give them and ask Allah to aid you.

  5. salamalaykum

    Mabruk Ukhti, may she and all of your kids grow to righteous and God-Fearing Muslim, and may they be a comfort for you in Dunia and Akhira.

    Yours Umm Khadidja (german)

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