eid cakes!

 and here they are, one of each on a plate!

my apologies for the awful blurred picture, it seems my phone camera has the blues and has gone into a coma!

so here are the recipies,

le tart,

2 eggs

250gm margerine


250gm sugar

and enough SR flour to form a nice soft non sticky dough around 500gm

cream the sugar and margerine, add the eggs with flour and vanilla, working the flour in slowly.

roll out to approximately one cm thick and cut out making sure you have equal tops and bottoms! Bake in a moderate oven for a round 10 minutes, you dont want them to colour just cook!

when they are cool dust the tops with icing sugar and sandwhch to the bottom with jam, adding a little more jam into the centre hole.


3 measures of plain flour

1 measure of icing sugar

1 measure of ghee

some oil


wix the flour and icing sugar togathor and work in the melted ghee, slowly add oil and squish it togethor with your hands until it clumps up and you can work it into a ball. work into walnut size balls pinching the top up a little so it looks like an upside down mushroom, place on a greased tray and work all the ‘dough’ in this way. sprinkle a little cinaomn on the top of ech and bake in a moderate oven until the bottom has browned.


250gm margerine

150gm sugar

1/2 cup toasted sesame seeds

1 cup ground roasted peanuts,


4 egg yolks

enough SR flour enough to form a  dough

coarsly ground roasted peanuts

egg whites

glace cherries(i didnt use)


cream the maregrine and sugar, add the eggs yolks and the other ingrediants and slowly add the flour to form a soft ough that you can handle and form into balls wihtout it sticking.

form into wlanut size balls and roll in the egg white and then nuts, placing a cherry on top of each cake.

Bake in amoderate oven for around 10 minutes they will puff up and feel firmer to the touch

put on a tray to cool and pur a spoonful of honey over each.


three soup bowls of medium semolina

1 bowl of ghee with some oil melted

1 1/2 soups spoons of salt

dates or peanuts for the stuffing

rose water



soak the seomlina(with salt mixed in) in the ghee (mix very well) and leave to soak for at least 4 hours.

add around 20 soup spoons of rosewater and mix well and then bring the semolina togethor to form a dough with the water. Take it slowly, it feels like its never gonna form a dough and then it suddenly does!

you will get a soft dough which falls apart quite easily. makes snakes of somolina dough and push a ridge into the middle of the snake with your finger and fill with your snake filling. Pull the tops over the filling and carefully roll it alittle to round it off and seal your makrout snake. cut into diaminds and put each makroot onto a tray.

when you have prepared them all caefully fry in hot oil(take it easy with them they are quite delicate!)

remove from theoil and soak for a little in honey warmed with some rose water inside. Some people prefer not to honey them until serving!

eid mubarak everyone. MAy Allah bless these days for you and make them fullfilling happy and blessed!

eid is almost upon us

and while it doesn’t seem 5 minutes since eid al fitr, it also feels like its been a life time.

  I never intended to stay away from this place so long, but Allah knows better! Its been a trial the past couple of months, and its not over yet. Life is hard sometimes, but with people dependant on you, you have no choice but to get up fighting. Alhamdulileh.

It hasn’t been all bad new friendships have been forged, hard times have a habit of showing those that you can depend on and while some may let you down it can bring out good from surprising places. Broken relationships mended and old ones strengthened. Life is full of trial and reward.

 Plans are on hold right now and life is definately been taken one day at a time.  Allah, subhana wa ta’ala says that after hardship comes ease. To any of my fellow sisters goinf through trials of their own, hold onto that promise of ease for as the saying goes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and each day that passes we are coming closer to it bi ithni leh!