eid is almost upon us

and while it doesn’t seem 5 minutes since eid al fitr, it also feels like its been a life time.

  I never intended to stay away from this place so long, but Allah knows better! Its been a trial the past couple of months, and its not over yet. Life is hard sometimes, but with people dependant on you, you have no choice but to get up fighting. Alhamdulileh.

It hasn’t been all bad new friendships have been forged, hard times have a habit of showing those that you can depend on and while some may let you down it can bring out good from surprising places. Broken relationships mended and old ones strengthened. Life is full of trial and reward.

 Plans are on hold right now and life is definately been taken one day at a time.  Allah, subhana wa ta’ala says that after hardship comes ease. To any of my fellow sisters goinf through trials of their own, hold onto that promise of ease for as the saying goes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and each day that passes we are coming closer to it bi ithni leh!


4 thoughts on “eid is almost upon us

  1. Dear sis, I pray that Allah gives you your ease soon. And may he reward you for any hardship that you go through. Are you on skype? If not, sign up! I’ll send you my id, add me and I’ll call you in sha Allah.


  2. as-salamu aleykum,

    barakAllahu fiki sister for the reminder that after hardship comes ease; i needed that,

    salam from another sister expatriatet in Algeria

  3. May your hardships be a source of reward for you in your dunya and your akhira, and may Allah’s mercy and comfort never be far from you and yours….ameen…
    much love dolly

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