this has been

a long time coming.  I’m doing a lot of lurking these days. I am unmotivated at the moment.  The only thing I am doing are those essentials that never go away food and clothing! If it hasn’t fit into one of those 2 essentials I just can’t seem to do it! Many would call me a slob, many would call me lazy, I am simply not interested at the moment!

It’s probably apparent that I’m not sure where this blog post is going, and quite frankly, if I don’t know, I can’t expect anyone else to! Its starting like one of my low inspiration dinners, I start to chop an onion and see where it leads me………….

I do know its time for  change. And if Allah is not going to bring a change to our homelife then I have to bring one anyway, because there is only so long one can wallow ones days away in nothing before it becomes something more and subsequently more difficult to get out of.

February is hot on our heels, so its time to focus, before the rest of winter is lost in the blur and spring is upon us. Its a time to bring Quran back into our daily routine, to get the childrens reward charts going, to motivate the kids to study for exams,  and the most difficult bit to prise myself out of the cosy sanctuary of my kitchen and rinse away the cobwebs and dust from the rest of the house which is feeling decidedly unloved…………………..