Do you ever

feel that life is just one big battle? A constant round of shouting, frustrations, qaurelling children  and needless arguements?


I guess its the down side of motherhood for me and many other mums around the globe. I’m pretty sure ts universal, the sibling rivalries, the jealousy and a stressed mum trying to keep everyone in order!

Of course there is much joy too, the snuggles and cuddles. The giggles and out right laughs. The companionship and even love every once in a while.

and of course there’s nothing like a little helper to speed you through your chores! The peas are beautiful though in their vibrant green, along with the bright red strawberries that are now also coming into the markets we can see that spring is insha’allah just around the corner!


2 thoughts on “Do you ever

  1. Awwww I love these pictures mashallah 🙂 I haven’t reached the constant battles yet and no sibling rivalry (although I hope that will come inshallah) but motherhood is hard! The most rewarding thing I have ever done and I would be lying if I didn’t love 99.9% of every second of it but it’s hard! And that’s just with the one… x

  2. erm, you probably know my thoughts on the subject..we just had a whole weekend full of screaming hissy fits…. but the peas look good 🙂

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