Don’t they look


Of course back home we are more used to seeing strawberries in June then March. But they are very welcome and a delicious sign that spring is in the air. These are one of my favourite things masha’allah.

The children are now into their spring holidays from school so a busy couple of weeks ahead and lots of cries of I’m bored no doubt. Insha’allah I will be finding some on line ways of keeping the younger members of my brood occupied, I’ve gone past trying with the teens nothing seems ot interest them. Though a friend has very kindly invited my three big boys to spend some of the holidyas with her boys, so the entertaining will be passed over(very willingly too)!

And for me? well I have started some crochet for next winter for my two little girls, also some sewing in the air. A curtain to cover some mess in my kitchen, those never ending repairs and hopefully with that promise of spring some light tops for the warmer weather bi’ithnileh!

And best of all the much anticipated arrival of my mum and her husband, who we haven’t seen for far too long.

Wishing you all a pleasant, positive and productive spring.


2 thoughts on “Don’t they look

    • Lovely to see you onl;ine too masha’allah 🙂 No skype for me we are having issues with communication here via skype and msn live!

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