Today would have

been a big day if I hadn’t been muslim. The big 4 0 is a time people  sweat over, like a one way ride over a bridge of no return! I don’t celebrate birthdays and have never celebrated them since I turned muslim almost exactly 17 years ago (gulp) alhamdulileh. In fact I am so used to not celebrating birthdays that I forget it is even my birthday unless someone reminds me, which someone from my familly usually does, by send me a cryptic message something like ‘may sunday bring you many blessings’. Well I guess its not a direct happy birthday!

  I wasn’t really fearful of this day. I mean we all get older,more wrinkley, grey haired, gain a few pounds and maybe lose a few brain cells! But this is the cycle of life. I was however surprised when having my morning tea to find myself feeling a little melancholic. I sat thinking about that feeling and had a though that if I had an average lifespan then I was over half way there. That wasn’t a nice thought. A wave of fear over swept as I came face to face with the innevitable and only certainty that we have in this life. That we are all going to die. What will my grave be like? What is written for me in the hereafter? Oh yeah Allah, save us from the punishment of the grave and the punishment of th next life! Keep us in your shade on that terrible day when or deeds will be measured. Keep us on the straight path in this life, and guide our children to it. Oh Allah keep that reality of death in our minds that we may work towards earning your forgiveness ameen, yaaa rab il ‘alameen.


6 thoughts on “Today would have

  1. as i said before…40 is the new 20…life starts at 40, done with breeding and waiting for weddings and grandchildren insh’Allah…may Allah give you a long muslim life and hapiness in abundance sorrounded by loved ones, ameen…take care, ines

  2. AA,
    Just found your blog. Looking forward to reading more about your life in Algeria with 8 children!!!Al-Humdulilah. How do you do it? 🙂 Masha’allah. Loved the post!!

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