hello again….

its been along time!

And its pretty funny too that I am visiting almost two years to the day after my last post and guess what I have just turned 42 and I am still alive and almost still sane. I think.

I have been thinking about a return to blogging. But I am still not sure if i will come here and ramble over my life again. We as a family have had a few traumas thrown at us the last few years and it has been a pretty hard slog. I can blame all of that for my lack of interest in blogging(which included reading them too). But finally i feel we are emerging into a new phase of life, hopefully a better one. Of course Allah subhana wa taala is bound to throw more trials at us. And if he does i hope to embrace them with patience, but for now i would just like to breath easy for a while and gather myself togethor insha’allah…