I’ve been slowly mulling over

my return to the blogging world, and I as I was planning to start the slow and gradual spring clean today(which has a finish date of around May 6th) I figured the best place to start was my blog! So today I have changed my theme I kind of like it, it feels homely. It feels peaceful. It feels fun. Well at least it does to me!

Now I want to blog with a purpose, I want this to be useful to at least one person in the big wide world out there. I want to benefit from this. I’m not exactly sure which direction this will take and I think that a gentle easing back into blogging will show me the way I want to go.

So whats happening with us at the moment?(well I suppose ME really, seen as though its my blog!)

We are entering a new phase in life, it is bringing about some very scarey changes and lots of emotion is going to be flying around here over the next year. But this is what life is all about and we can’t hang onto everything for ever, life goes through processes and changes and we have to resist the urge to fight and carry on hoping that we are making the best decisions and fulfilling our responsibilities as spouses, parents, siblings and of course as ‘children’ and the way we treat our own parents.

It has been two years since I blogged and as I mentioned last time it has been a very difficult two years, the most difficult of our Hijra in some ways. We suffered as a familly, our eeman suffered, we picked up bad habits and raged a lot of anger. But we also, kept calm, stuck togethor as a familly, learned who really cares about us, experienced some real kindness from unexpected places and saw how beautiful this religion of ours is when it is practised properly.

I still love this country, though I have definately seen many of its downfalls, and been victim to the legal system and corruption of certain agencies. We have experienced a lack of compassion from those in authority but also learned that as Allah subhana wa ta’ala closes one door he opens another.

Insha’allah we have worked through the baggage that came with getting back to normal(just using good old fashioned time and patience) and in some ways we have come through so much stronger togethor and more appreciative of what Allah has blessed us with. A new season is opening out. My favourite season, spring, with the beautiful greenery(that will soon enough fade to yellow and brown) the gorgeous colourful flowers that burst through anywhere  they can and the gentle sun, thawing us and warming us after the winter. I love the light, thrown around the house at this time of year. Its an inspiration.

I’m currently working on creating a summer wardrobe for my two younger daughters, my three year old has outgrown most of her clothes and my just turning ten year old, needs some modest additions for the summer months, baggy trousers mostly and long tops. I have yet to persuade her to wear dresses and skirts. I have found lots of inspiration around web world and insha’allah with another post i can share what I have been looking at.

And now i must go and do some ‘real’ spring cleaning and sort out my designated area for today, little and often is my plan to tackle this large house and todays task is to wash the really high walls at the top of the house in the staircase that leads to the roof terrace. As yet i haven’t figured out how I will get up there, wish me safety and success! And insha’allah I will be back here again soon without any broken bones or injuries!



5 thoughts on “I’ve been slowly mulling over

  1. As salami alaikum,Never knew you had a blog masha Allah!loved reading your post,one thing came to my mind is that you should be a writer,I love the way you were describing spring what what happens after it masha Allah.keep it up as I would love to read more from you insha allah

    • wa alaikum assalem Salia! Its funny I always wanted to be a writer,there is a book in me somewhere, whether I ever get it out is another question though!!! 😉

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