This morning I had

a large glass of lemon water, it was the first thing to pass my lips.Well apart from wake up, hurry up, have you prayed, keep the noise down. It was refreshing, it was cool, it was very sour with no sugar stirred in. But it made me feel good. It made me feel healthy(not going to mention the tea and croissant that followed it). And it promises to reduce wrinkles! what more could you ask for?

So it is my intention to have another glass of lemon water tomorrow morning insha’allah. I may even make a jug up to sip through the day as I don’t drink nearly enough water.
I can still smell the lemon on my fingers. I feel energised, masha’allah.
Yesterday I had a mission accomplished day, and a little extra stuff on top of my mission too. The sofa has gone away to be re-covered, You can maybe imagine the mess such an action created. I never saw it coming and at this stage in life I should have known better!
So todays task was going to be spring cleaning my bedroom, but I am wavering, I may take something smaller as I have some basic catch ups to do. And my sewing machine is calling my name. hmmmm we shall see!


4 thoughts on “This morning I had

  1. I tried the lemon juice thing and it makes me menopausal….I swear I get the hot cold shivers sweats and all…. have you tried cucumber slices in the water? very diuretic……
    pls do share your sewing machine induced creations? do you use patterns? or are you a play it by ear type?

  2. we also love drinking lemon water….I love to drink i nice hot mug of it before bed….and no sugar, can’t stand sweet drinks!
    love the blog posts mashallah xxxx

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