I was struck by

something this morning. When I say struck, I don’t mean that I haven’t thought of it before. I just had the idea to talk about it on here! I’m such a genius(not).

After reading a random comment online, I was left wondering how people leave their home countries if they are so desperate to cling to as much of it as they can. Can someone achieve happiness and peace in a new country if they are wanting all they left behind? If you can get a perfectly decent Algerian made product, why buy the imported one at a higher price, just because it is a ‘home’ brand? Now lets leave aside the politics involved in this, and the question of supporting muslim economies. Lets just think about this from the side of our hearts and contentment.

Its not just a question of which products we buy but also how we embrace local culture. For example, Algerians have a habit of just popping by. They all have mobiles, and fixed lines but if they are thinking to visit they just turn up! Annoying? yes! Inconvenient? Yes! Rude? No! Its the culture here, so we cant consider they are being rude! It may not be done in the UK or where ever you came from. But its the norm here and in order to happily settle here we have to accept it! If we don’t accept it we are not going to change Algerian habits we are just giving our selves anger and making the transition to Algerian life harder.

Now i get as excited as the next person walking round a supermarket and seeing a well loved chocolate brand on the shelves. But I don’t get the point of walking round an Algerian supermarket and picking up any old imported product that will be way more expensive and wont necessarily do the job any better then the Algerian version. I can’t understand the excitement it musters. I mean ok you see a familliar brand on the shelf and it may make you smile. But to pay over the odds and insist on using that. No thank you! If you are going to crave every product you can get on the shelves of the UK then why leave? Embrace change, embrace the difference, enjoy it! Have an adventure! try something different, you may love it!!!

You want to be happy in a foreign country? You want to be content and settled? Try new things, appreciate the different culture, try to fit in(if its halal of course!) and go with their flow. Fighting against it will only bring discontent. Work with what God gave you and stop craving what we left behind. Algeria isn’t improving or ‘looking up’ just because they are importing more products from abroad. Its looking up by improving its self and improving its own standards. 

So while many things here can be frustrating, we mustn’t be looking for Algeria to become more like the places we left behind, we should be looking for it to grow and improve from within. To improve what it does badly, to change the things which are Haram. And we need to accept, we left home behind for a reason. Why crave it following us here?



3 thoughts on “I was struck by

  1. I totally get you sister……but I also think that it is beyond import/export better/worse….materialism in general is very hard to shake off….consumerism is ‘slavery’….I bet you don’t get me but trust me sis…..you are spot on…xxx

  2. I LOVE this post! It’s so true! When I was a teen and living in Jeddah, we had free airline tickets and always brought things back from the UK. But we’d never by the crazily priced stuff here. When I came back, without the benefits of airline tickets, it forced me more to embrace the local environment. It’s SO easy to do what you can with what you have if it’s a matter of “getting a taste of home”. More than that. then, yes, why leave? I’m looking forward to learning more about Algeria when I move there. What I get most of the time from my inlaws is “Oh there’s nothing in Algeria! Why are you going there/coming here?” I don’t need to prove anyone wrong, but I need to make the most of what we can benefit from there in sha Allah.

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