This is my

corner of the world.


My morning walk with my 4 year old boy.


all the way up and round the corner and then down here at the bottom is the masjid.


Thats it down there straight ahead! Its a nice little walk, clears out the cobwebs in a morning, and I may even interact with an adult on my way!

But what i really love is hearing the children shouting from all the way up there on the  bottom picture. ‘Dua al sabah’ or ‘surat al fatiha’ or simply ‘A-sal-em-u-a-lai-kum-wa-rah-ma-tu-la-hi-wa-ba-ra-ka-tu’ all broken into segments and shouted at the top of their lungs as each new student arrives. It’s really special masha’allah.

We are very lucky masha’allah, with the nursery sessions, with a group of dedicated sisters who work so hard, to get Islam into the children before the hit the school system. Also learning the alphabet and writing and some very basic maths. They are set up really well for going into year one. We are truly blessed alhamdulileh.


11 thoughts on “This is my

  1. Salam,

    Quel bonheur, c’est la 1ère fois que je vois un algérien reconnaissant ! L’état lui fourni un logement gratuit ou presque, la médecine est gratuite. Le lait, le pain et la semoule ont des prix abordables grâce aux subventions de l’état et l’algérien veut toujours avoir plus ! Je vie en Algérie et dans mon pays d’origine, la population n’a pas les mêmes avantages que les algériens.
    Al Hamdo Lillah, ya Rab al alameyn !

  2. Masha Allah sis,wish I had that In my local mosque wish is not local at all!we have three mosques masha Allah but they are all half an hour walk from my place that why I haven’t been able to put my little one this year with the baby arriving as well!

  3. Lovely! Looking forward to more snapshots on life in Algeria. What prompted u to go there? Is ur hubby Algerian? How is the weather throughout the yr? Is it touristy? MashaaAllah

    • Thanks! Yes my husband is Algerian masha’allah 🙂 the weather is good 4 clear seasons. I love spring the most warming during the day but still need my quilt at night. Summers are typically mid 30’s though can go into the 40’s as was the case last year. The thing that is hardest about the summer are the frequent power cuts I think!!! Tourists? Nope alhamdulileh. And insha’allah it stays that way. There are tourists that visit the Sahara. The government are wanting to develope tourism with several projects on the way. But Algeria has a feared image certainly in UK, hopefully they stay away!

    • What prompted us to come? It’s Hijra! We didn’t want our kids growing up in UK. It’s too hard for them and us. Insha’allah they settled here you g enough to stay and build their famillies here.

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