I’m on a

sewing roll at the moment. I’m a person who gets inspired by little girls clothes. Which is great because my soon to be three year old has outgrown almost all of her summer clothes and needs them replacing. I hate the quality of clothing in Algeria. And if its imported it costs an arm and a leg! So when they are only going to get one, or maybe two, summers wear out of it, its a big expense! I am really enjoying creating. I had some fabric left over from a lot that was sent to me by my good friend, when she was still in the UK (she blogs here).

Unfortunately fabric isn’t up to much in Algeria either! Its poor quality and more expensive then it was back in London. For A country with hot summers I cannot understand why there is so little cotton. Having said that, I guess its a question of economics. These are the things I have made for my little princess thus far!

And so far I have only made this one item for my daughter who has just turned 10. She is unfortunately, much more fussy and wont want to be wearing my creations for much longer longer I feel!


And finally I am currently working on this dress for myself. Which is a much harder task for me. I haven’t got to grips with sewing for myself I always get the proportions wrong and for some reason, I am much less careful with something for myself. I managed to cut the skirt crooked, so it may turn into a long shirt…..


Most of the things I have made were inspired, or in some cases just copied from here and I found the odd thing I like here. I have recently started following plenty of other sewing blogs too. Insha’allah I will update my blogroll another time. Plus my latest sewing love is growing, inspired by some blogs doing feartures on Japanese sewing books. I love the simple, basic shapes, they make a real style statement!  Again I will leave that for another day maybe after I have tried making something! Have a great day where ever you are!


9 thoughts on “I’m on a

  1. I noticed your pins on pinterest and was inspired! How did u learn to sew? Is it hard? We have the same probs with clothes here in Egypt.. But I think we have some choice in material. Any suggestions how to start?

    • well I learned when i became muslim and worked out that i could make a hijab for a quarter of the price of buying one!there was no internet in my life back then. We are talking almost 20 years ago!So I simply turned a hijaab inside out and stuck togethor a load of newspaper. Drew around it and i had a basic pattern. It was wearable! the neck was a bit of a mess but of course the scarf covers that!! and then i simply looked at other clothing from the other side and figured out how they were put togethor. (I have a puzzle solving kind of brain!) Of course now its much easier, so many free patterns on the web and tutorials. Start with something simple and as your confidence grows so does your skill and experience.

  2. mashallah looks great, last time I was in Algeria I bought lots of fabric.(cotton , linen , jersey) It was a street full of wholesale fabric shops in Baba Hacen (not sure if that is correct spelling?) Thanks for the links, going to have a look and Inshallah get the sewing machine out..

  3. Masha Allah sis,everything looks really nice!i think I might go back to sewing myself seeing all your stuff.keep up the work,love all the material and evrything you made for your little princess

  4. and I’m getting inspired by you….nothing to show yet but soon insh’Allah…too busy with garden right now so can’t go as fast as I would like…love all your creations mash’Allah…keep them coming 😉

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