I’m here again

with my tea and toast!

Back in from my morning walk to the masjid. Where i came along this lonely flower struggling to survive in a crack beneath a wall and the tarmac. So I snapped a picture. It looked so gorgeous there among the grey. It should have been a sign to me as i turned around to walk away Hafsa picked it and the beauty was gone šŸ˜¦ I should have realised because we were looking for dandelions for the tortoise as usual.


The colour is gorgeous masha’allah, well was……

Anyway, as i was saying, this should have been a sign, because when i got home this happened in my kitchen.

003 004

the glass display cabinet arrived late on Sunday night (from our shop) and as you can see it has already accumulated a layer of junk. And the fridge, complete with a leaked pool of water arrives at the same time I arrived back from my peaceful morning walk!

So scrub plans for the day, as I rearrange the kitchen to make a home for the unwanted fridge. Ā I guess todays’ spring cleaning can just happen in the kitchen ahead of schedule.

I should have named todays post ‘moaning Tuesday’ or maybe ‘traumatic Tuesday’ because after i told dd16 what awaits us, she is attempting to bury her head in the proverbial sand(ie bedcovers).

While it can be really convenient having a food shop situated behind a door next to the kitchen. Today it’s showing its drawbacks!

On a positive note, I cut out a polka dot skirt for dd3(ish) last night, gathered up the skirt by hand and pinned it all togethor. So its ready to sew! I may get there this evening insha’allah. Hope so. I love spots and stripes šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “I’m here again

  1. I feel your pain sis…but I’m sure that as I write this you have already moved from cleaning to creating a lovely skirt for your little one…mash’Allah….insh’Allah we get to see a pic šŸ˜‰

    • Thanks I have some clouds on the edge of the ceiling! Need to get back our ladders from the neighbour to finish it off!

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