There is a lot of talk

going around cyber space at the moment, regarding the guilt or innocence surrounding the alleged Boston bombers. Of course there is interest around the muslim community who are sick and tired of hearing ‘radical muslims’ being accused of all attrocities on the planet. I mean, since when was attending a masjid or praying 5 times a day the actions of an extemist or the beginnings of extremism? If thats the case then you have to expect millions of people around the world are soon going to errupt into violence! It is of course ridiculous.

Even my non political daughter has jumped on the band wagon and has written a blog post about the incident. So there is a whole campaign going on in support of the ‘bombers’. People (both muslim and non muslim) are dedicating a lot of time on this. But what i want to know is at the end of the day is there going to be a difference made? Of course everything is in Allahs qadr, but is anyone making a difference by tweeting, or sharing statuses on facebook, writing blog posts or signing on-line petitions etc. What does it all mean? Its interesting to have discussions and we all need to be aware of what is happening in the world, especially when it effects everyone and may have larger implications on a particular segment(if not all) of the muslim community.

But how far should we take this? And I am not being specific to the events in Boston. To any events which are far away around the world, but because of media and the internet they feel more local and relevant.  Do we let it affect our everyday lives? How much dedication to a cause is too much? Is it wasting time and energy? Is this just a distraction from what we are really here to do which is live our lives in a way that Allah would be pleased with us and to dedicate as much energy to worship that we can in its variously forms. Is this kind of campaigning a form of worship or should we be leaving it up to those whose job it is and deal with the consequences?

Do you feel guilty for worry about what to cook for dinner when people across the world are fighting merely to survive? Should we feel guilty or is this just the situation Allah has placed everyone in with their individual trials? Of course we all need to help or brothers and sisters in Islam, practically if we can and if we cant by keeping them in our duas. But should we stop life because people are suffering? Thinking about what to cook or what to sew, or what to buy or what to do or where to go are so trivial in comparison, but what else should we do? where is the balance.

If we sit back and watch and do nothing, say nothing, will it get worse? Or is this all just the passing of gods plan and we are passengers sitting back for the ride?


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